Presentations and Events

By the Coal Rush and Beyond project team


December 12–15: Group organised panels at Anthropocene Transitions, the Australian Anthropology Society conference, University of Sydney.

The complex social and ecological dynamics of climate technologies and transitions
Tuesday 13 December: 9.00 – 10.30

  • Rasmus Karlsson: Learning in the Anthropocene.
  • Matthew Kearnes: Going to Ground – Tales from the Carbon Frontier.
  • James Goodman: Social visions for renewable energy: policy claims in the Australian context.
  • Jonathan Marshall: Psycho-social disruption and the Wind Farming process.

New horizons of transnational mining activism

Tuesday 13 December: 11.00 -12.30

  • Devleena Ghosh: The Bones of our Mothers: Adivasis, Forests and Coal Mining in India.
  • Katja Müller: Waiting for the pre-cut conveyor belt. How time shapes mining protest forms.
  • Linda Connor & Rebecca Pearse: Unlikely alliances? Coal conflicts and environmental activation in rural NSW.

Ethnography and environmental change research I

Wednesday 14 December: 9.00 -10.30

  • Katja Müller & Tom Morton: At the coalface: a case study in collaboration between anthropologist and journalist.
  • Tanya Anstey-Mudd: The battle for bulga.
  • Celia Mcmichael: Relocation as Adaptation to Sea Level Rise: ethnographic research in Fiji

Ethnography and environmental change research II

Wednesday 14 December: 11.00 – 12.30

  • Yugo Tomonaga: Sustainable collaborative management for conserving river water quality in Japan and Australia.
  • Linda Connor & Rebecca Pearse: Framing climate change questions in interdisciplinary teams: Researcher defined problems and quotidian worlds.

Ethnography and environmental change research III

Wednesday 14 December: 13.30 – 15.00

  • Stephen Bennetts: ‘Waiting for the Counterrevolution’: Some reflections on the demise of W.A.’s Aboriginal Heritage Act Amendment Bill 2014.
  • James Goodman: Researching climate crisis: dilemmas for ethnography.

August 26: Ghosh presents “‘We don’t want to eat coal’: Development and its Discontents in a Chhattisgarh district in India” at World-making and the environment in the Asia-Pacific region, ANU.

August 18: Goodman presents “The Coal Rush and the ‘Climate Dialectic’: India, Germany”, ICR-UWS Seminar.

August 16: Chakrabarty presents ‘Climate Change and Humanity’ lecture at UTS.

July 10: Goodman presents on ‘The Coal Rush and Beyond: India, Germany, Australia’ at the International Sociological Association Vienna.

April 8–11: Ghosh, Goodman and Menon present at Beyond Coal and Gas. Myuna Bay.

January: Workshops in Delhi, India.


December 4: Marshall organises a panel on ‘Technological visions of the future: political ontologies and ethics’ at the AAS conference Moral Horizons, University of Melbourne.

July 24: Group organised workshop. Crops, Climate and Coal. Tamworth: UNE Study Centre. 28 September: Goodman, Marshall, Pearse, organise a panel on ‘Energy Policy and Politics’ and present at the Australian Political Science Conference Canberra.

July 22: Chakrabarty presents ‘The Human Condition in the Anthropocene’, Lecture at UTS.

July 22: Chakrabaty, da Rimini, Goodman, Kohli and Menon present at the Social Agency in Globalising World forum, Sydney.

June 2: Goodman presents at World Resources Forum Asia-Pacfic, Sydney.

April 16: Ghosh presents a public lecture, ‘Coal Blocks/Blocking Coal: Dispossession, Appropriation and Resistance to Coal Mining in Chhattisgarh’, at the University of Otago.

March 24: Rosewarne, Morton, Goodman, Connor present at NSW Election Forum, Coal and CSG a Political Liability?, Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney.


November 10–11: Ghosh, Kohli, Menon, Morton, Pearse present at Interrogating Environmental Justice. UTS.


December 16–17: Group organised workshop: Coal Rush and Beyond. Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

August 14: Rosewarne, Pearse, Morton, Marshall, Goodman, Ghosh, Connor present at Whose Energy Future? Developmentalism, climate change and energy policy in India and Australia. Workshop at UTS.

August 13: Chakrabarty presents ‘Climate Change, Capitalism, and Double Consciousness’ Lecture at UTS.

February: Connor, Goodman, Pearse, Rosewarne present at an International Studies Association colloquium organised by Tom Princen